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Cynthia S Smith
Each photo I see takes me aback with surprise and pleasure. Just when I think I’ve seen the best photo of yours to date, you deliver one more. Always amazing, one of a kind, and captures mother nature in all its glory unlike anything we could see without your skill and artistry!

Paula Bledsoe Bell
Your art is soooo amazing! You capture the grace of their motion as a “still moment in time” on your camera. I LOVE coming across your posts. Thank you for sharing!

David Bradley
Thank you Andy Nguyen for sharing your experience and photographs with us.
I really enjoy your subjects of interest for your camera sessions. ❤ 

Roberta East
Indeed, a true artist. Such a keen eye for detail and finding his subject at just right time/ pose.

Gerald Wemple
Amazing picture, one of many I have seen from your posts. Thanks for having the patience to be able to take these and for bringing us the joy of seeing them.

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